Monday, 13 January 2014
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Up for sale are my two Schroeder cabinets: a 410 and a 21012. These are the older versions with the side-facing drivers. Both have two 10" drivers facing forward; the 410 has another two 10" drivers facing off at an angle while the 21012 has a single 12" angled driver. Each cab has an impedance of 4 ohms. Both of these cabinets are very efficient and take a reasonable amount of power. The 410 is rated at 1400 watts. The 21012 was rated by Jorg Schroeder at 1200 watts, but based on the power rating of the individual drivers, I feel that the correct rating should be 1000 watts. Both cabs are pretty deep sounding, especially the 21012. The 410 isn't quite as deep sounding and has a more pronounced mid-range bark. I've used each one individually, but the 410 has seen more gigs. Used together (with the 21012 on the bottom), they sound great. They definitely will reproduce the 37" Dingwall low B-string in all its glory! With a good power-amp they can get as loud as you can take, standing in front of them. These are currently listed on TalkBass, where I'm asking $450 each, plus shipping, or $800 for the pair. For my Dingwall brethren, however, I will sell the pair for $600 plus shipping. PayPal preferred. [img:24u3crlp][/img:24u3crlp] [img:24u3crlp][/img:24u3crlp] I replaced the tweeter knob on the 410, as part of the pot shaft had sheared. Yeah that knob may look familiar :D [img:24u3crlp][/img:24u3crlp] The 410 has a slight tear in the carpeting on the front/top [img:24u3crlp][/img:24u3crlp] Thanks.
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