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  3. Tuesday, 04 December 2012
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I got this bass a couple years ago via this forum in an AWESOME trade with "Darkly Dreaming Dave". It's been my #1 bass from the get-go, but my musical needs are far less demanding than my financial needs at the moment.

**The photo in the ad is the Dingwall shop "new baby" photo -- my pic files are too big to post here and my laptop doesn't have a good way to resize them. Here's a link to the Google album of the full-size pics:**
https://plus.google.com/photos/10743989 ... 2215503985

It has a beautiful burl X-top finished in a classic sunburst finish that comes across as reddish or brownish depending on what kind of light you're under.

Electronics are Dingwall FD3 pickups with an 18v Aguilar OBP-2 preamp; bass is boost-only, and the treble is boost/cut and also works as a passive tone control when the bass is in passive mode. Passive mode is accessed with the mini-switch. Other controls are master volume and pickup BLEND; the blend control allows a lot of 60/40 mixes that, honestly, are where I spend most of my time – I think they make the bass more flexible.

Most of the ABII's have walnut necks, and this one might be walnut too, but it looks more like bubinga to me.

Looking at the back of the body, it seems like this bass might be using the "dual density" principle that was first used on the Z-series basses; the walnut on the bass side has a lot more growth rings (more dense) than the treble side.

There is one noteworthy flaw on the bass; there is a small nick on the back of the headstock by the "E" tuner. I've taken a close-up of that.

There is also some finish "hazing" around the tops of the pickups from where I anchor my thumb; it could probably be buffed out (Meguiars "Scratch X" works) but rather than risk scratching the bass, I'll leave that up to the new owner if it bugs them.

But all in all, this is a fantastic bass in fantastic shape. It sounds amazing, plays extremely well, balances perfectly, and makes whoever is holding it instantly more attractive.

The bass will ship in an AXE MUSIC flight case that came with my former Dingwall Z2; it's a perfect fit and will ensure that the bass arrives intact.

Bass is currently equipped with Schaller straplocks, but I can install Dunlops if you prefer them.

Finally, the bass will ship with fresh strings installed and all my backup strings included. Any used strings have been soaked in denatured alcohol to bring them back to 90% new, but with a more broken-in feel.

PM me for more details, more photos, or if you just want to set up payment RIGHT NOW.



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Should have mentioned that this bass sold a couple months ago...
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