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Product Type: Rotate Jib Crane - 270 & 360 R
Lifting Capacity: 1 ton - 16 ton
Span: As request
Lifting Height: 3m - 6m
Working Class: A3
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

Floor mounted jib crane with 270 degree / 360 degree rotating jib arm for short distance and frequent lifting work.Tailored rotating jib crane for you!

The rotate jib crane is a versatile lifting tool. It's used in factories, warehouses, material handling plants, workshops, and other workplaces. This type of floor mounted crane is ideal for short distances and high intensity material handling works. The rotating jib crane is frequently referred to as a pillar or column jib crane.

In China, our company is a reputable jib crane supplier. We offer 90 degree rotate jib cranes, 180 degree rotate jib cranes, and 360 degree rotate jib cranes as rotate jib crane designs.

Rotate jib crane for indoor use Rotate jib crane for indoor use
Rotate jib crane for outdoor use Rotate jib crane for outdoor use
Safety tips for totate jib crane
Maintaining a safe working environment is critical for jib operators and owners. The following are safety tips for rotating jib cranes. Safe operation can help to reduce injuries and extend the life of a rotating jib crane system.

Before shifting the load or jib arm, make sure the travel route is clear.
Always keep an eye on the total capacity of the jib crane, including rigging and below-the-hook gear.
Always use caution when positioning the jib crane.
Keep an eye out for any equipment or individuals that may move into the jib's path.
Always push loads rather than pulling them.
To avoid shock loading, always take the elevator slowly.
Always keep the block above your center of gravity.
Never utilize a jib crane or lift components that are faulty.
Never drag a cargo with the jib arm; the load should be free of impediments and the floor.
Keep the burden from swinging.
Avoid crashing the trolley against the end stops. This can cause the load to whip about, increasing the effective radius and thus the load on the structure and mechanisms.
Loads should be dropped slowly and carefully to avoid the jib arm swinging.
Features of rotate jib crane
1.Cover circular or semi circular work areas;
2.Are versatile enough to perform a wide variety of local handling and spotting functions;
3.Are economical enough to be dedicated to individual work stations;
4.Can increase worker satisfaction and encourage safe work practices;
5.Provide a rapid return on investment;
6.Can be a useful addition to an overload handling system, providing coverage in areas not efficiently serviced by a main crane;
7.Can relieve a main crane of many handling operations where the greater capacity and energy consumption of the larger unit would be wasted;
8.Can be effectively applied in the absence of a main crane, especially where load handling in localized;
9.Are an economical choice for outdoor installations.
270 rotating jib crane with cantilever design 270 rotating jib crane with cantilever design
360 rotating jib crane with tie rod design 360 rotating jib crane with tie rod design
Advantages of Jib crane parts
Unique power drive with built in adjustable clutch
Spherical, self aligning roller bearing
Rotation limit switch available
Collector rings ans cable grip for 360 rotation
Machined pressure ring
Compact base plate design
Lockable on/off disconnected switch
Heavy duty convex roller wheels
Slewing power transmitted by pinion and ring gear
Independent sliding push button system or radio remote control option
Enclosed track festoon system
VFD controlled rotation panel
Assembly of pillar jib crane
Consists of two side plates, safety channel, back head plate, top head channel, upper front channel, weight bearing frame assembly, front head channel, turning roller support bracket, and a turning roller kit;
Is joined with bolts to the boom, and transfers the boom loading directly to the top pivot bearing and the turning roller assemblies;
Permits installation of the head prior to the boom;
Decreases the required installation clearances;
Allows for maximum hoist lift;
Permits for maximum hoist lift;
Permits in-head bottom entry electrification;
Large head size eliminates crushing of the trunnion rollers. Other manufacturers utilize a smaller head that can disfigure and damage the crane components, leading to difficulty with the crane operation.
Considerations for selecting rotate jib crane
Our company is a professional jib crane manufacturer in China. We supply kinds of jib cranes for sale, such as articulating jib crane, pillar jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, double arm jib crane, free standing jib crane.

Rotate jib crane design drawing Rotate jib crane design drawing
Get your customized rotate jib crane Get your customized rotate jib crane
Great Rotate Jib Crane can be designed with 270 degree or360 Degree rotation based on your lifting requirements.

A careful analysis must be performed. It will determine how the crane will affect the efficiency of the work area, and how it will be used in daily operation. The followings are the most important considerations when selecting a crane:

The type and extend of the structural support available;
Current and anticipated requirements for powered operation of the hoist or crane;
The characteristics and design of each crane type;
The overall height and height under boom offered;
The relative cost of each jib crane type;
The overall cost of installation.
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