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As a Chinese crane supplier that provides crane services all over the world, we provide good crane services to our customers in Tanzania. You can tell us what type of crane equipment you want by mail in Tanzania, or you can visit our crane factory directly in China. Today we share a European-style overhead crane order from Tanzania, I hope it can be helpful to you. 2 sets European type single girder overhead crane and 2 sets ND European type electric hoist have ordered by Tanzania customer

Tanzania overhead crane main parameters
Lifting weight: 5 tons
Lifting height: 8 meters
Span: 10 meters
Voltage: 400/3/50
5 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane Girders

Application of Overhead Cranes in Tanzania
In the past five years, the Tanzanian government has been committed to the development of industrialization. Tanzania’s industrial sector has newly established more than 8,000 small, medium and micro enterprises, including 201 new large enterprises, and 460, 3406 and 4410 medium, small and micro enterprises respectively. Ambassador Kijazi revealed that the establishment of these enterprises has doubled the number of direct employment in Tanzania from 254,786 in 2015 to 482,601. In this process, the demand for cranes in various industrial industries will further increase, and we are also willing to provide corresponding crane services for Tanzanian customers.

Overhead crane is an important tool and equipment to realize mechanization and automation of production process in modern industrial production and lifting and transportation. Therefore, overhead cranes are widely used in Tanzania’s indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals and logistics turnover and other departments and places.

How to customize Overhead Crane in Tanzania
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a Overhead Crane, you can leave a message on the website or email, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you:

Lifting capacity (ton): __ ?( The rated capacity)
Lifting height (m):__ ? (Height from hook center to the floor)
Span (m): __ ? (Distance between rail center)
Lifting speed (m/min): __ ? ( Single, Dual, Variable)
Traveling distance (m): __ ? (The length of the rail)
Work duty: __ ? (How many hours a day? How many times an hour?)
What material to be lifted: __ ?
Industrial voltage: __ ? ( like :380V, 50Hz, 3ph )
European style 5 ton overhead crane order from Tanzania
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