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Double Girder Gantry Cranes Provider Since 1984

Since 1984, Yuantai Crane Dongqi Group has provide gantry cranes of any size, handling any load capacity for clients from various industrial sectors. No matter what industrial sector you are in, you will find a custom gantry crane design from Yuantai Crane, Dongqi Group. So far, our gantry cranes of various types has been installed in more than 120 countries and regions, including but not limited to the following : Qatar, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Canada, Tanzania, Malaysia, United States, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, India, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh & Vietnam, etc.

What is an Double Girder Gantry Crane?

Double Girder Gantry Crane also double beam gantry crane is a type of heavy duty gantry crane, one of the most frequently used gantry crane. A double girder gantry crane is a type of overhead crane in which the bridge girder or beam is supported by gantry legs that moving on ground track at both ends or on one ends.

The gantry frame, consisted of main beams, end beams, legs, lower beam, trolley running track, and cab, hoist trolley, crane running mechanism, and electric control system are the main components.
The hoisting trolley is outfitted with a hoisting mechanism as well as a trolley running mechanism that runs laterally along the trolley track on the bridge's main girder.
The main girder of gantry cranes can extend out of the legs to one or both sides to form a cantilever to increase the gantry crane's lifting coverage, but the length of the cantilever is usually less than or equal to one-third of the span length.

Double girder gantry crane can be designed with box girder gantry and truss girder gantry design, for loading, unloading and hoisting various loads in workshops, warehouses and stock yards of general enterprises and factories. To meet the diverse material handling requirements, double girder gantry cranes are frequently used with types of lifting devices such as, crane hook, grab, magnet, clamp, tongs, beam spreaders and other lifting devices, etc.
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