Wednesday, 27 February 2013
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I'm considering selling my wonderful Dingwall Prima 6 string. There's not much to say about this baby.. it's incredible. Anyone interested in? Please contact me privately Dual Wood Body (Walnut/alder) Maple neck, Wengé fingerboard Dingwall Pickups FD3.4L with Wengé Cover Active Bartolini Electronic: Bass, Mids (3 band switch), Highs HipShot Bass Xtender on low B MINT condition [img:2ile8yix][/img:2ile8yix] [img:2ile8yix][/img:2ile8yix] [img:2ile8yix][/img:2ile8yix] [img:2ile8yix][/img:2ile8yix]
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