Friday, 20 April 2012
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Dear Gentlemen, last night I was playing my brand new DW with my group, and I thought that my knowledge of the sound capabilities of the instrumebt is not, let's say, complete. Well, it will take time of course as anything in life. BUT, this idea came into my mind: why don't we share our favourite sound? So I am asking You to cooperate by posting Your "Sound Recipe", that is how You set the controls on Your DW bass in order to produce: 1. the Sound You use more 2. the Sound You have been able to achieve that resembles some Famous Bass Player sound (Jaco, Alain Caron, Marcus Miller, Mark King and the like) 3. the Sound You know that puts You out of trouble when You need to cut through the mix 4. Anything You deem worth to share. This may be a SOUND RECIPE Room, wherein a newcomer (like me) will be able to drain lots of useful and inspiring suggestions. :mrgreen: Saluti, Alberto
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