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There are many types of cranes, such as gantry cranes, tower cranes, bridge cranes, portal cranes, container cranes, crawler cranes, cable cranes, cantilever cranes, construction elevators. On the purchase of cranes, we do the following analysis. The selection of the crane machine includes the selection of the crane type, the selection of the crane model, and the number of cranes.

Selection of Crane Type

Double Girder Overhead Crane

The type of crane should be selected in consideration of the following points:
Structure span, height, component weight and hoisting engineering quantity;
Construction site conditions;
The current lifting equipment status of the enterprise and the region;
Duration requirements;
Construction cost requirements.
Selection of crane model

Gantry Crane

The principle of selecting the crane is:
The three operating parameters of the selected crane, namely the lifting capacity, the lifting height and the span, must meet the structural lifting requirements. At present, the crane uses a horizontal arm trolley luffing device, so it is easy to determine the crane model according to the above three operating parameters and the lifting performance of various cranes.

Crane Selection: Crane Types &Crane Model
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