Monday, 12 March 2007
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:?: I just performed an A/B comparison of my ABII with a much less expensive Tobias Growler (with one Bartolini pickup). Although the ABII is a superior instrument in most respects, I found that the Tobias produces a clearer fundamental regardless of EQ. It's just easier to hear exactly what note you're playing (and therefore easier to tune the bass), and it sounds more solid. What I'm trying to determine is whether this is a setup issue, or something more fundamental to the pickups and body woods. Any thoughts?
15 years ago
I used Rotosounds for a while on my older Z1 with the 9 volt Bart system. They sounded real big but any high end subtlety was lost in the "clanginess" and they scarred the frets. I ended up going back to the light Dingwall strings and have been very happy since.
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