Tuesday, 10 August 2010
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I need to make make room and raise funds for more Dingwalls so I'm thinning the herd, big time. PM with specific info/photo requests. Pretty much everything listed is in mint condition. Feel free to contact me with offers. The ONLY trades I will entertain will be for Dingwalls... hey, I can dream. Peace y'all. BASSES Warwick Vampyre LTD 5 str. - ltd. ed. signed/numbered, neck thru, quilt top, trans red, mint - $2900.00 Warwick Vampyre SN5 - trans blue, mint - $1500.00 Warwick Vampyre SN5 - black high gloss, mint - $1500.00 Dean 1981 USA ML bass - cherry burst on mahogany, near mint - $1300.00 Peavey USA Cirrus 6 - tiger eye quilt, mint - $900.00 Ibanez BTB1305E Prestige - mint, natural flame maple top - $750.00 Ibanez BTB785PB - mint, RARE (6 strings are available but the 5's were a limited run) - $675.00 Ibanez Iceman ICB08LTDFCA- limited edition checkered flag finish, mint - $400.00 Dean Razor NT5 - trans. amber quilt top, mint, 5's are rare - $575.00 Dean DOA Z - #6 of 12 made, trans blue quilt top, near mint - $850.00 Dean Razorback V - black w/green, mint - $500.00 Dean Tour V - black, mint - $450.00 AMPS Mesa Boogie Fathom bass head - predecessor to the Carbine, low serial no. mint - $850.00 Peavey Nitrobass 450W head - $290.00 Kustom Groove 1200 head - $450.00
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