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  3. Wednesday, 18 December 2019
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The issue is this, Gruv Gear Fret Wraps on fan fretted basses, they don't work! They keep slanting to one side, it's a pain in the neck!

So I decided to contact Gruv Gear customer care by email and I have asked them the following:

On Tue, 17 Dec at 2:25 AM , Francesco Camardo wrote:

Dear Sir / Madam

Please can you look into making some fret wraps for basses with the Novak Fan Fret system as your existing wraps do not work and just slip off to one side, see attached pics.

For these fret wraps to work on fan fretted basses, the soft pad side should to be cut in a slanted trapezoid shape to compensate for the angled nut and frets.

This is the reply I got:

Hi Francesco,

Thank you for your feedback! We are considering making a version specifically for this if there is enough of a demand :)


And this is where I need you to help me, if you've experienced the same issue PLEASE write a small email in your own words to customercare@gruvgear.com
Because as she said the more request they get for these the more the likelihood they might make them

Thank you in advance, I am sure together we can achieve this small goal.
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