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  3. Friday, 30 January 2015
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(it is 12/30/14 and i have been looking to clear $3000, but at this time i will reduce that to $2700. i will put it on ebay if it doesn't sell in about a month. thanks.)

serial #: 4739
body wood: alder
neck wood: 5 piece maple
fingerboard: pau ferro (with block inlays)
color: chrome blue (with matching headstock)
pickups: SF5
pre-amp: glockenklang
weight: 7 lbs 14 oz.
white perloid pick guard (custom shaped & made by sheldon (dingwall))
skb 44 hardshell case (which was custom fitted for this very bass; it cost me $220 to get the case custom fitted)

this exceptional instrument is a work of art, a thing of beauty; it turns heads; it is so cool looking.

i am the original owner; took possession in october, 2012.

i have babied this instrument; i don't think there is a blemish or a scratch anywhere on it. so it is in mint/like new condition.

it has never had any issues; it has worked perfectly from day 1. it is set up perfectly, plays so easily, sounds so good.

i have never liked the way the chrome control plates look on Jazz basses, so i asked sheldon (dingwall) to make an "extended" pickguard that eliminated the need for the chrome control plate. the photos will show you what i am talking about.

the skb 44 case is an approximately $100 value and in addition to that i spent $220 to get it custom fitted for this very bass. the case is in great shape.

the bottom line is i must clear $3000 after packing, insurance, shipping and paypal fee. so, if the packing, insurance and shipping came to $150, and the paypal fee (2.9% of $3000) was $90, then i would have to receive $3240. but the packing and shipping could be considerably less and i am open to any other form of payment that you want to suggest, such as bank transfer, cashier's check, for example, as long as i clear $3000 after everything is said and done.

to view photos of this very bass (one of the photos is the photo the dingwall shop took before shipping it out), please click on this link (or paste in your browser):
https://picasaweb.google.com/1048984212 ... 1vnUjvHIaQ

i live in the baltimore, maryland area. zip code 21093. feel free to call or text: 410-456-7872.
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