Friday, 13 May 2022
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I really really hate to do this, and I may just back out, but I have a Dingwall Super
PJ Bass Guitar for sale. I have retired from playing music and I find I just don't
use this bass anymore, so it is just sitting around collecting dust.

The bass was custom ordered on November 24, 2017 and was finally built/delivered on
June 5, 2019.

It is a four string bass with a Hipshot Drop D tuner. I upgraded to the Super P Speedo
Bars. Note: This bass was the first Dingwall Super P to have these installed, as it
had never been done before and a special jig had to be setup for it.

The bass has four tiny surface dimples on the front that you can only see when holding
up to the light a certain way. The back has NO belt buckle rash, as I made sure never
to wear a belt when playing it. Also, I installed 3M plastic on the entire back from
day one to prevent any scratches. The neck is perfect. The sound: AMAZING!!!

I'm asking $6000. Yes, it's expensive, but this is a fine quality musical instrument
that was built, assembled and setup at the Dingwall factory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
This is NOT one of the Chinese models.

Serial Number is #5962. You can contact Dingwall in Saskatoon if you want to know
anything further about this particular bass, as I'm sure they still have the record
of the build.

And the Dingwall gig bag that came with the bass is as good as brand new as you can
get (no tears, rips, stains, etc.).

No tire kickers please, serious inquires only.
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