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2 ton wall mounted jib crane for sale, works with electric chain hoist, can be directly installed on the wall, steel structure column or on the mechanical equipment. Wall mounted jib crane has the characteristics of easy operation, reliable travelling, easy installation and maintenance.

2 ton wall mounted jib crane for sale to Kenya

2 ton wall mounted jib crane for sale is widely used in load and unload materials on machine tool, between working procedures, the lifting work of production line and other occasions. The slewing type of wall jib crane is electrical type. The lifting capacity is 2 ton to 16 ton.

Jib Crane Specifications for Kenya Customer:
Loading capacity: 2 ton
Lifting height: 3m
Jib length: 3m
Lifting speed: 8, 8/0.8 m/min
Slewing degree: 0-180°
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Also accept customized design jib cranes for your detailed requirement.
2 Ton Wall Jib Crane Structure Features:
The components of 2 ton jib crane mainly include: bracket, rotating arm device, slewing device, electric hoist, fixing device and so on.
The bracket is fixed on the wall or steel structure column, and it can slew or rotate according to clients’ needs, and there are electric slewing and manual slewing.
The hoist travels along its track on the jib arm to lift and move materials and goods.
The cantilever beam can rotate with the reducer on the slewing device driving the roller.
The wall mounted jib crane can adopt ground operating or remote operation, and the operator is free to walk around on the floor.
wall mounted jib crane for sale

Wall Mounted jib crane design Features:
Installation with high strength bolt connection.
Convenient in operation, safe and turn to flexible.
Superior in the cases of short distance concentrated lifting.
Running smoothly and operating safety.
Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency.
Can be used to match with single or double speed electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist
High quality and efficiency, competitive price.
Can work within 270 degrees to lift, move and handle materials.
Reasonable and simple whole structure, Light self-weight, Low noise.
Steel rails and aluminum rails can be option for beam.
2 Ton Jib Crane for Sale Application:
Factory, workshop, warehouse, store.
Logistic, dock, port, freight yard.
Construction building, mine, etc.
Safety Devices:
Overload protection device.
Top quality durable bearing polyurethane materials buffer.
Crane traveling limit switch.
Voltage lower protection function.
Emergency stop system.
Lifting height limit device.
How to Choose Jib Crane:
Boom: The horizontal beam that the trolley travels back and forth on.
Hoist: The hoist is used to lift, position, and lower a load.The hoist can be electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist or manual hoist.
Rotation: On wall mounted jib crane machine, you can achieve 180-270° of rotation.
Electrification Power: Electric collector rings or pneumatic air lines can be added to the top or bottom of the mast to provide rotation assistance and allow for continuous 360° boom rotation.
Controls: On motorized or air-powered jib systems, you can use a push button controller to control the rotation of the boom, as well as the lifting and lowering motion of the electric hoist. Multi-speed or variable speed controls are available for the hoist and trolley.
Hook Height: You’ll need to know the lowest overhead obstruction to know how tall your jib crane can be.
Rotation Stop: If the crane is located close to a wall or other obstruction, a rotation stop will limit the crane’s motion before it collides with a nearby object.
Environmental Considerations: The components of the jib system can be galvanized to resist corrosion for outdoor applications.
Also, special control enclosures can be designed for explosion proof applications, and other environments where heat, dust and dirt, or moisture may be a factor.
2 Ton Jib Crane: Wall Mounted Jib Crane for Sale to Kenya
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