Thursday, 27 January 2022
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The case we are going to share today is about our electric hoist used in Saudi Arabia.

If you have been to Saudi Arabia, you should know that except for the subtropical Mediterranean climate in the southwest plateau and the northern region, all other regions in Saudi Arabia have a tropical desert climate. Summer is hot and dry, the highest temperature can reach above 50℃; winter climate is mild. The average annual rainfall does not exceed 200 mm.

Heat and high temperature are the main characteristics of Saudi Arabia's summer, as the professional electric hoist supplier, we know that our electric hoist must be able to withstand the tests brought by these external environments.

“Dear, we need 1ton or 2ton Electric trolley type chain hoist.
1-Lifting Height is 5meter
2-The span is 5 meters
3-It work with electricity for up and down and for back and forth
4-Voltage is 380V/60HZ/3P
5-High temperature of the environment about 65 degree C
6-CIF Price is to Dammam
7-Guarantee Term is 1 year.”
Customers from Saudi Arabia need a 1ton or 2ton electric chain hoist. We must consider the customer’s actual environment so that our electric hoist can better help customers create value.

The customer's requirements for the electric chain hoist are very detailed, including the temperature of the hoist application environment. After we received the inquiry, we immediately submitted our quotation to the customer. However, the customer said that our electric chain hoist price is very expensive! The insulation grade used in our solution we gave to the customer is H-level instead of the conventional F-level, because we noticed that the customer’s ambient temperature is very high.

The differences between F-level and H-level:
F-level: Motor working temperature <155℃ (ambient temperature 40℃+temperature rise 105)
H-level: Motor working temperature <180℃ (ambient temperature 40℃+temperature rise 140)
The high ambient temperature will affect the cooling effect of the motor and cause the motor to heat up rapidly.
Customers value prices more, and we learned that the use frequency of hoist is very low, about once an hour. Class F insulation can meet customer needs after a short use. Therefore, we have updated the price of electric chain hoists with insulation class F for customers. In this quotation, 4 prices are quoted for customers to choose:

1t-4m electric chain hoist with pendant control
2t-4m electric chain hoist with remote control
1t-4m electric chain hoist with pendant control
2t-4m electric chain hoist with remote control
Finally, the customer chose 1t-4m electric chain hoist with pendant control.

1 ton Electric Chain Hoist Applied to Saudi Arabia
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