Saturday, 25 January 2020
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New 4-string NG-2 owner here. I got my bass tuned to DADG from the dealer, at my request. I'm happy with the setup they gave me. The bass plays well, etc.

My low D is loud, punchy, good. The other strings are all significantly less so. It sounds like someone has literally turned down the volume on the other strings. Why?

People on the Facebook group have suggested several possible fixes, most of which involve using a compressor and EQ to cover up the problem. When I plug in any of my much less expensive basses into the same signal chain, they all sound totally even and good. I'm definitely a bit hesitant to start physically altering the bass since I'm inexperienced with that, and the setup feels really good right now, but I suppose I'll dig into it if need be.

Additionally, I do not know the exact strings or gauges that are on the bass, however they don't appear to be anything heavier or lighter than would be considered normal or expected.

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