Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) reviews the Super P 4 PJ

Kev Sanders does an outstanding job of reviewing the new Super P 4-string pj in this month’s Bass Guitar Magazine. BGM is based out of the UK but there is distribution in North America too. It’s a great magazine. Well worth picking up.


We got our pilot run of the new Version 4 Voodoo Saddles back from anodizing today. We’ve removed the pin system and went with a simple cup to hold the ball end, smoothed and rounded the surfaces but left the texture as close to “off the machine” as possible to preserve the mechanical bespoke look. The first sets will ship to Tokyo next week and will be installed on all Z-series and Prima Artist basses going forward.


For years we’ve had requests for a Super J with FD3 pickups, or a 3-band pre-amp, or even the 3x pickup option. Well, for 2014 we are introducing those options and more. The 3-band pre-amp option will also include the series parallel switches from the Z-series.  The body will now feature the Thinline dimensions in place of tone chambers. This will increase the mid punch and keep the weight in exactly the same range as before. More details soon as the prototypes finish baking.