Rufus Mann Interview

Location: Hong Kong

Bands & Gigs:
Miss Fortune

Dingwall Z3, D-bird Standard, D-bird Custom; Darkglass HYL, AOU, AO900, Line6 G70, Fortin Zuul

Why I play a Dingwall :
Dingwall basses, for me, are good conduits of doing what it is that I'm trying to do. For instance, I could be recording a song in C tuning today and something in B or even A tuning tomorrow. These basses can typically handle it without having to change the string gauges drastically. Obviously, a .127 string tuned to low C is going to have higher tension when compared to a .127 string tuned to A, but being able to hold a reasonable tension in such a wide range of tunings in a given string gauge allows me to do so much more with just one bass alone - and this is quite a reassuring thing to have for me.

My Dingwall superpower/claim to fame:
Reply with monkey cover face emoji when people happened to like my sound that's made with a Dingwall... maybe?

My influences:
Motionless In White, Korn, Dance Gavin Dance, Dir en Grey, John Browne, Jason Newsted, Paul Gray