Chris van der Walt



Chris Van Der Walt

“The Dingwall Combustion NG2 really opened my eyes (and ears). It was my first introduction to the multi-scale fanned fret system, and I have to say I am totally hooked. It just feels incredibly natural, and there was hardly any adjustment to my playing. The construction is absolutely flawless. I have never played on such perfectly crafted instruments in my entire life. The electronics and tonal options are super versatile. With the Darkglass pre-amp and different pickup selection you can really achieve any sound you have in mind, any style. The whole experience at Dingwall is like 5-star bass hotel. Just plug in, and it sounds bigger and more beautiful than anything you’ve ever heard before."

Chris van der Walt started out as a roadie for bands like Not My Dog and Jack Hammer, and later joined up with metal band, RhütZ, touring nationwide in South Africa. Chris learnt invaluable lessons from his time with RhütZ about touring, writing and recording. He achieved an Honours Degree in Film Sound Design, and a Degree in Jazz. Chris then took all his combined knowledge and pushed forward into new musical directions including Vulvodynia, The Black Cat Bones, and Boargazm with which he toured SA, Europe, South America, Russia, Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, and more. Headlining most of the major festivals in SA. Eagerly seeking more Chris has worked with many other great SA bands/ artists including Albert Frost, Scicoustic, Valiant Swart, Jack Hammer, Blood Brothers, Gerald Clark, Jonathan Peyper, Jimi Hendrix-, Led Zeppelin- Janis Joplin-, Bruce Springsteen Tribute shows, Underbelly, Mrs B, Raoul and Black Friday, Mel Botes, Bandoleros, Kite Rider, SA/DC, Gun 'n Posers, and more…


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