Here's a really nice video of Felipe Gomez playing tap-style on his 6-string ABZ. As you can tell from this video, Felipe's a very talented soloist. He's also an extremely solid player in a group setting and can slap like a mofo!

Quilt doesn't get any better than this top here. However, there's more to this bass than just a sexy top. We've been testing Macassar ebony fretboards lately and I've got to say, paired with a wenge neck the results are pretty amazing. 6-strings are always a little tougher to get right due to the wide variety of string gauges and frequencies but this combination has the notes almost jumping off the fretboard.

The NAMM show is this week. We'll be hanging out at the Hipshot booth #5733. I'll have two new basses to show. An Afterburner XXX and a Super P 4. The 4 of course debuted last spring in Frankfurt. This will be the first time in North America. We've made a lot of refinements to the SP4 including a wider nut and 3D contouring on the headstockand. We are really happy with the results.

We've used wenge for fingerboards for years and loved it. We've hesitated on using it for necks until we developed our new neck finish. Now that we've got the finish dialed in we're ready to offer wenge necks as an option. This is the first ABI we've done. The the tone is fantastic - slightly more sustain than maple without adding any extra weight, the harmonics ring like a bell and there's a nice tight bottom that seems just right.

This bass is currently in the air on it's way to our longtime friend and endorser Hank Insell. We haven't' done a lot of red basses in quite a while but after seeing this one, I'm thinking we should make them all red. "no you don't want black, trust me, you really want red" ... we'll see. Comments appreciated.