This is some heavy stuff. The new video from Nightmare/Sony/Red artists Tellus Requiem. Bassist Ivar Hagen Bøe is playing his new ABII 6-string and getting some great tones.

The Voodoo Switchblade system has been under wraps for about a year now. Other than the shop prototype, Or Lubianker has the only bass with this switching system. I figured Or would be the perfect guy to squeeze the most out of what this system is capable of and give us the feedback we need. If you watch the video, I'm sure you'll agree we've got the right guy on the job. So far he's given it a work out in the extreme chops shows with Marty Friedman, Yossi Sassi, Dave Lombardo among others.

Alberto and I have been working on a unique Afterburner with some tweaked woods and options for the last year. The final result is the AR model. I've got to say this thing is smoking! Alberto has a strong online presence as well as a new album that's just been released with some great music and collaborations. Here's a video review of this new bass where you get to hear the various pickup combinations.